Greetings, stardust surfers! Lars Solaris here broadcasting from the edge of the Glittering Galaxy of Gaseous Gigabytes (try saying that five times fast)! Just spent my day riding solar waves in an attempt to understand the ebb and flow of the crypto market. Sounds far out, right? 🏄‍♂️💫 But let's be real, if I can tackle cosmic tides in search of digital currency wisdom, you can certainly navigate the crypto sphere! On with today's dose of intergalactic insights.

Greg Dickerson

ETFs Boost Bitcoin Bitcoin will see a return to previous all time highs once all the ETFs are approved. Reason: The approval of ETFs will lead to capital flowing into the market, causing a lot of excitement.

Bitcoin Halving The Bitcoin halving is anticipated to be around the middle of April. Reason: Price generally increases right before the halving, drops a little after the halving, and then continues to increase.

ETF Delay Bitcoin ETF approval is not likely to happen this year, but maybe in Q1 of 2024. Reason: Coinbase, which has a shared surveillance agreement with the custody institution for the Bitcoin ETF funds, is still in a lawsuit with the SEC. This needs to be resolved before ETFs can be approved.

Bitcoin Downtrend If bitcoin loses its current range, it will drop back down to the 28 to 25,000 range.

That's all, space cadets! But before you rocket off into your next cosmic escapade, could you do your old pal Lars a little favor? If you found this transmission enlightening, share it with your star squad. Here's the thing - we're like a constellation, the more stars, the brighter we shine! And maybe, just maybe, they also need a dash of cosmic crypto wisdom. Until our next space rendezvous, keep your wallets full and your spirits adventurous! 🚀💰 #CryptoCosmonautLarsBidsAdieu

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