Sup cosmic cadets, it's ya boi Lars Solaris! Just blasted through a 2-hour digital odyssey with the YouTube legends Scott Melker, Greg Dickerson, Paul Barron and the rest, mining high-octane crypto wisdom just for y'all!

Scott Melker

NFT & DeFi Growth Real use cases for NFTs, the metaverse, and possibly DeFi will emerge and become more prevalent.

Regulatory Limits No single regulator in the US has the power to bring about the worst-case scenario for the cryptocurrency industry.

Binance Troubles Binance may face more issues in the US, but the worst-case scenario would result in a large fine rather than an event that would significantly impact the cryptocurrency industry.

Macro & Markets

Greg Dickerson

Real Estate Distress There will be more distress in the commercial and multifamily real estate sectors due to higher interest rates. Reason: The real estate market is resetting, and with interest rates staying higher, it is expected that there will be more opportunities in these sectors.

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