Howzit, my cosmic comrades! It's your starbound buddy, Lars Solaris. Fresh from my wild journey through the Singularity Salad Bar - yeah, you heard it right! Who knew infinity could be so tasty, or that blockchain could be as complex as a Pan-Galactic Gargleblaster salad dressing? If this stargazer can marinate on cosmic connections over a cosmic caesar, so can you, fam. So buckle up, as we're about to pick through the croutons of crypto chatter in today's dispatch.

Benjamin Cowen

Ethereum Collapse The ethereum bitcoin valuation will continue to drop. Reason: The speaker believes that bitcoin rallies serve a purpose, they break altcoins off of their bitcoin support levels. The ethereum bitcoin valuation has continued to collapse and the speaker expects this trend to continue.

Bitcoin Dominance The bitcoin dominance will continue to trend higher. Reason: The speaker believes that as long as we're heading into tighter and tighter monetary policy, the dominance of bitcoin can still go higher. The dominance did not top out last cycle until we started to get rate cuts, and we haven't even seen a rate cut yet.

Bitcoin Dominance The bitcoin dominance will likely rise throughout the entire year. Reason: The speaker believes that the rally by bitcoin dominance can sort of top out by the end of the year. This is based on the theory that bitcoin dominance will go up, that ether bitcoin will drop, alts will bleed back to bitcoin.

Peter McCormack

Slow Bitcoin Adoption Adoption of Bitcoin will be slower than expected. Reason: Fast adoption could lead to more volatile Bitcoin prices, which could scare more people away.

Macro & Markets

Experts Agree

  1. Potential market downturn (Gareth Soloway, Anthony Pompliano)

Gareth Soloway

Google's Downtrend Google's stock could go down to $100 in the next couple of months.

Google's Support Google's stock could find technical support at $128. Reason: Drawing a trendline through the current area gives us $128.

Google's Decline Google's stock could go down to $100.

Microsoft Short Opportunity If Microsoft stock reaches the high pivot around 368, it would be a good opportunity to short the stock for swing trading. Reason: The speaker's analysis of the weekly chart of the stock indicates the presence of a weekly topping tail, which is a bearish signal, indicating a potential reversal in the stock's trend.

Google's Support Google's stock could find support at $122.25. Reason: Gaps are major and there is a lot of sideways chop in here, which will be technical support.

Google's Downturn Google may break key support.

Google's Breakdown Google could experience a bigger breakdown. Reason: Google's stock has broken below pre-market trading.

Microsoft Stock Rally If Microsoft stock rallies up to the double top high, it would be a shortable level for day trading. Reason: The speaker's technical analysis of the stock's performance indicates that if a stock is extended, it is likely to snap back, creating a day trading opportunity.

Anthony Pompliano

Loose Monetary Policy Loose monetary policy is going to be the standard over the coming weeks. Reason: The national debt is increasing and the government is spending large amounts of money, which will necessitate inflation.

Monetary Policy Shift We're going to return to loose monetary policy and prices are going to go back up. Reason: The best investors are buying assets at suppressed prices because they anticipate a return to loose monetary policy.

Bitcoin & Policy The government will have to return to loose monetary policy, which is likely to coincide with bitcoin. Reason: The current economic situation with high interest rates, attempts to avoid money printing, and a large national debt.

As we wrap up another interstellar bulletin, it's time for a classic Solaris send-off. Bear with me - why did the Bitcoin investor go to the moon? Because he knew the sky wasn't the limit! So, if this email sparked joy or a chuckle, blast it over to your buddies. Remember, the more the merrier. Or should I say, the more the 'Mercurier'? Keep bubbling, crypto crew. Catch you in the next transmission. #LarsLunarLaughs

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