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Benjamin Cowen

Bitcoin's Move Bitcoin dominance is predicted to make one more significant move before the end of the year or by January.

Bitcoin Dominance A cryptocurrency portfolio with a higher allocation to Bitcoin is likely to outperform a portfolio with a higher allocation to altcoins.

Bitcoin's Dominance Bitcoin is expected to maintain its dominance in the cryptocurrency market, challenging the idea that altcoins will surpass it.

Bitcoin Correction Bitcoin may undergo a larger correction going into late December or early January, potentially leading to a test of the 100-week moving average, which is below $30,000. Reason: The pattern of 13 to 15 weeks between lows observed over the last year, and historical occurrences of Bitcoin at the 100-week moving average in January of the halving year.

BTC Pullback Bitcoin may experience a pullback to the eight-week moving average, corresponding to about a 6% or 7% move to the downside from its current price. Reason: Bitcoin has been slowly grinding higher with long wicks to the downside that did not materialize into more significant drops, but if the trend line that Bitcoin has been holding breaks, the eight-week moving average might come into play as the first major area of support.

Altcoin Impact If Bitcoin experiences a pullback, it could negatively affect the altcoin market. Reason: The altcoin market tends to show weakness when Bitcoin corrects significantly after trending above its bull market support band.

Halving Benchmark Bitcoin may find itself at the 100-week moving average in January of the halving year. Reason: Historical patterns observed in January of 2016 and January of 2020, where Bitcoin was at the 100-week moving average.

Bitcoin Dominance Bitcoin dominance is expected to rise regardless of whether the price of Bitcoin itself goes up or down.

Altcoin Decline Most altcoins are predicted to continue losing value against Bitcoin.

Recession's Impact Whether Bitcoin holds the 100-week moving average or not will depend on if there is a recession. Reason: Previous support at the 100-week moving average during recession scares has been a critical factor, and the outcome of a potential test of this average will be influenced by the broader economic environment.

Bitcoin Ascendancy Bitcoin dominance in the cryptocurrency market is expected to increase beyond its current level.

Gareth Soloway

Regulatory Impact Bitcoin will experience a significant drop to $20,000 in the first quarter of 2024 due to regulatory pressures. Reason: The prediction stems from anticipated government regulations that could negatively impact the cryptocurrency market.

Paul Barron

AI Blockchain Fusion Blockchain will play a significant role in the development of artificial intelligence.

ETF Impact The approval of a Bitcoin ETF could result in a soft landing for Bitcoin's price and an increase in demand for miners.

Macro & Markets

Gareth Soloway

Gold Surge Gold prices will surge to $2,000 per ounce by mid-2024 as investors look for safe-haven assets. Reason: The prediction is based on the expectation of economic uncertainty leading investors to seek out stable investments like gold.

Tesla's Downtrend The price of Tesla will decrease to $600 by the end of 2023 due to increased competition in the electric vehicle market. Reason: The reasoning is based on the growing number of competitors in the electric vehicle space which is expected to reduce Tesla's market share.

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