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Paul Barron

UK Expansion Robinhood's expansion into the UK market is predicted to attract a broader customer base and increase revenues due to different regulations and access to projects not available in the US. Reason: The speaker believes that Robinhood's launch in the UK, with its unique regulatory environment and access to different projects, will lead to an expanded customer base and higher revenues.

ETF Impact Crypto stocks are expected to continue benefiting from the Bitcoin ETF wave, with companies like MicroStrategy showing significant unrealized profits. Reason: The speaker notes that crypto stocks, including traditional ones, are currently riding the Bitcoin ETF wave, with MicroStrategy having over a billion and a half in unrealized profits.

Coinbase Optimization Coinbase aims to make the average transaction under 1 second and under one cent by integrating Layer Two as the default on the platform and other fast layer ones like Solana. Reason: Brian Armstrong has set an ambitious internal goal for Coinbase to reduce transaction times and costs significantly, which involves integrating Layer Two and other fast layer ones.

Benjamin Cowen

BTC Price Dip Bitcoin's price could potentially drop to the eight-week moving average at around $36,700, which would be about a 10% drop. Reason: The eight-week moving average has previously acted as a support level in trending environments.

Bitcoin Ascendancy Bitcoin dominance is expected to break into new yearly highs in the next few weeks. Reason: Bitcoin is leaving a lot of the market behind as other cryptocurrencies cannot compete in the same way, leading to an increase in Bitcoin's dominance.

Bitcoin Ascendancy Bitcoin dominance is expected to continue its upward trend through the end of the year and could extend into the following year. Reason: Bitcoin dominance typically goes up late in tightening cycles, and it has been climbing higher throughout the year.

Macro & Markets

Gareth Soloway

Gold Retracement Gold may pull back to about the $2,000 level over the next week or two. Reason: The pullback would be a normal retracement after a remarkable bull run and could coincide with the dollar gaining strength and yields starting to bounce up.

Gas Rebound Natural gas is expected to bounce back because it is hitting the 200 moving average and the fibonacci 61.8% retrace level. Reason: The speaker believes these technical indicators are strong signals for a potential reversal.

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