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Paul Barron

Airdrop Impact The Pith Network's airdrop program will have a significant impact on Web3 and DeFi. Reason: The airdrop program is described as the largest cross-chain usage-oriented airdrop program known in Web3 and DeFi.

Solana's Surge The massive growth within the Solana ecosystem will contribute to its future success.

Pith Tokenomics Community engagement and ecosystem growth will be driven by the unlocking of Pith tokens according to a specified schedule. Reason: The speaker discusses the unlocking schedule of Pith tokens and its role in community engagement and ecosystem growth.

Pith Expansion The Pith Network will continue to grow and integrate across different blockchains. Reason: The Pith Network underwent a major upgrade and has been integrating with new applications each week.

Decentralized Oracle The Pith retrospective airdrop will lead to greater community involvement and establish governance for a truly decentralized Oracle. Reason: The airdrop is aimed at decentralizing the Oracle and involves a large number of unique wallets across multiple blockchains.

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