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Experts Agree

  1. The value of certain cryptocurrencies will increase. (Paul Barron, Anthony Pompliano)

Paul Barron

Solana Surge Solana's price will either reach its all-time high or surpass it, entering a 'blue ocean' with no limit to its potential growth. Reason: The prediction is based on the current momentum and ecosystem developments within Solana.

Relisting Surge Tokens that are delisted in the US and listed on Robinhood in the UK will significantly increase in value once they are relisted in the US. Reason: The increase in value is expected due to the demographic that Robinhood brings to the crypto market.

Solana NFTs NFTs on the Solana platform will continue to rise in value, and new winners will emerge in the ecosystem. Reason: The rise in value is correlated with the price movements of the Solana token, and the ecosystem is currently undervalued with potential for growth.

Anthony Pompliano

Bullish Bitcoin Bitcoin's price will continue to rise as retail buyers are purchasing more Bitcoin than the new supply, and institutions are also contributing to the demand. Reason: Retail defined by people who have one bitcoin or less in their wallet are buying up more bitcoin in the market than what's coming in on a net new supply on a daily basis, and institutions, ETF, speculation, and people trying to front run an interest rate cut are also pushing the price up.

Stablecoin Surge Stablecoin issuers will become a top ten holder of U.S. Treasuries as demand from traditional buyers like China and Japan wanes. Reason: China and Japan's interest in U.S. Treasuries is declining, and stablecoin issuers are currently the 16th largest holder of Treasuries. This trend is expected to continue, leading to stablecoin issuers becoming a top ten holder.

Bitcoin Surge Bitcoin's price will go much higher due to interest rate cuts, money printing, ETF approval, and the Bitcoin halving event. Reason: The combination of interest rate cuts, money printing, ETF approval, and the Bitcoin halving event will create a demand shock and a supply shock, leading to an increase in Bitcoin's price.

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