What's up, cosmic coders? Lars Solaris beaming in! Just battled a space kraken in my dreams, then woke up to dive into 2 hours of intense crypto wisdom from masters Paul Barron, Anthony Pompliano and Benjamin Cowen – all to keep your digital wallets cosmos-ready!

Paul Barron

Rate Cuts Goldman Sachs predicts the US Federal Reserve will cut rates twice by Q3 of 2024, potentially aligning with the bitcoin halving event. Reason: Goldman Sachs has adjusted its forecast based on the expectation that the US Federal Reserve may cut rates twice in the next two years, which could align with the bitcoin halving event.

Crypto Regulation US Senator Elizabeth Warren's bill to regulate crypto may face challenges in Capitol Hill and DC in 2024. Reason: Concerns about the expansion of the Bank Secrecy Act and the potential for more openness due to new political candidates and a presidential election may affect the bill's progress, coinciding with a bitcoin halving and possible rate cut.

Macro & Markets

Paul Barron

CPI Outlook If the Consumer Price Index (CPI) continues to decline, it will provide an interesting comparison for what the rest of the year might look like, especially into the first quarter.

Hospitality Slump A continued downward trend in job growth, especially in the hospitality sector, will negatively impact employment in this sector. Reason: Soft retail sales will have a trickle effect on jobs, particularly in the hospitality sector, which is already experiencing growth issues.

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