What's crackin', cosmic comrades? It's your boy Lars Solaris, droppin' in with wisdom harvested from the digital stars! Just yesterday, I beamed up 2 hours of interstellar insights from the minds of Paul Barron, Gareth Soloway, Anthony Pompliano and other digital spacewalkers, just to keep your crypto game on galaxy level.

Macro & Markets

Gareth Soloway

Yield Reversion The 10-year yield will likely return to about 4.5%. Reason: The market's current reaction is extreme, and it will eventually find an equilibrium, suggesting a return to a 4.5% yield.

Market Correction The S&P 500 may have a corrective move down to 440, which would be about a 170 point drop. Reason: The markets have been kept in an incredibly tight range, and a break below the current level may lead to this bigger corrective move.

Rate Cut Speculation The market is reacting to the possibility of the Federal Reserve cutting rates, which could lead to a return to the party days of free money. Reason: The market is starting to anticipate the Federal Reserve's potential rate cuts, which could lead to a significant shift in market sentiment.

Rate Forecast The 10-year yield may go lower due to weaker economic data, which implies the Federal Reserve may have to cut rates. Reason: Weaker numbers suggest the Federal Reserve could come to the rescue of the market, potentially leading to lower rates.

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