What's crackalackin', cosmic comrades? Lars here, and I just spiraled through a whole hour of interstellar infotainment, courtesy of Benjamin Cowen and Greg Dickerson. I've combed through the cosmic web to serve you the ridiculous yet rousing lowdown on all things Bitcoin!

Macro & Markets

Greg Dickerson

Housing Inventory Inventory levels in the housing market will remain low, affecting the number of new listings and active inventory. Reason: Despite a slight increase in new listings and active inventory, the levels are still about 50% compared to what's normal, indicating a persistent lack of inventory in the housing market.

Interest Impact Mortgage demand will fluctuate with changes in interest rates, affecting home sales and refinancing applications. Reason: Mortgage demand has seen a jump to a six-week high due to a drop in interest rates, but home sales have fallen to a 13-year low, showing that demand is sensitive to interest rate changes.

CRE Stability The commercial real estate sector will not pose a systemic risk to the economy despite a significant amount of loans coming due. Reason: The commercial real estate sector is a $30 trillion industry, and with only about $1.5 trillion in loans at risk, the issue is not large enough to be systemic, especially with buyers like Blackstone absorbing these assets.

Loan Crisis Office landlords are facing an unprecedented loan crisis with rising defaults, and many office assets will get repositioned or redeveloped. Reason: There have been significant sales of office buildings at much lower prices than previously sold, indicating a crisis in the commercial real estate sector for office spaces.

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