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Gareth Soloway

Cisco's Downturn Cisco Systems' stock is likely in for trouble over the next 3 to 12 months due to a technical breakdown on the chart. Reason: The technical analysis of Cisco Systems' stock chart indicates a breakdown, which typically suggests potential trouble for the stock's future performance.

Impending Recession The market may slip into a recession that the Federal Reserve cannot counteract with rate cuts, leading to a desire for rates to return to zero. Reason: The market wants lower inflation and job losses as weak economic news, but there is a concern about the Federal Reserve's ability to stimulate the economy if it gets too weak.

Market Sensitivity If unemployment claims rise to 500,000 without a dramatic Federal Reserve reaction, it would negatively impact the stock market. Reason: Currently, weak economic news is viewed positively because it suggests the Federal Reserve is in control. However, if the situation worsens and the Federal Reserve does not react appropriately, it could cause market panic.

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