What's poppin', stellar savants? It's your boy Lars, and guess what? I spent a fat 0 hours on YouTube yesterday - that's right, none! But somehow, in an absurd twist of fate, the cosmic vibes still zapped the wisdom of Benjamin Cowen and Gareth Soloway right into my brainium!

Benjamin Cowen

BTC Pullback? If Bitcoin pulls back to the 100-week moving average, it should not be surprising, indicating a potential downward movement.

ETF Surge There could be a flat period in the market followed by a significant increase in the first week of January, potentially due to spot ETF developments.

BTC Pullback Bitcoin may pull back to the 100-week moving average, as it has done in previous cycles.

Market Uncertainty The market may not repeat a previous pattern, showing a strong move up, followed by a red week, and then another move to the upside.

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