Hey there, galactic profit-seekers! It's your boy Lars Solaris, transmitting live from the heart of the Cryptonic Supernova (no, not the band). Just yesterday, I decided to chase a shooting star using my trusty astro-jetpack, just to see if it would lead me to a pot of Stellar Gold. And it did, but it wasn't gold coins, it was golden insights into the enigma that is Bitcoin.✨💰 So strap in folks, it's time to embark on an interstellar journey to decode the cryptoverse, one digital coin at a time.

Macro & Markets

Gareth Soloway

Meta's Downward Trend 'Meta' is likely headed lower and will become interesting in terms of an opportunity on the long side once it gets down to a range of $246 to $215. Reason: The speaker observes a level that is going to be broken, indicating a downward trend. He also identifies a gap down level and a secondary level at a gap fill around $215, which he believes will be the range where 'Meta' becomes interesting for long side opportunities.

And that's a wrap on our cosmic crypto round-up, space cadets! But before you fly off to mine some Asteroid Altcoins, remember to shoot a planetary probe...err, I mean, forward this enlightening dispatch to your buddies across the universe. Because as we say in the cryptoverse, a shared crypto-joke could be the spark that ignites a stellar financial revolution. So keep your tethers tight, your altcoins closer and always remember – there's no such thing as too much space! Until our next astral connection, #SolarisSaysSayonara 🚀💫

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Meta's Downward Trend